Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kinley's Blessing

I have a baby...
and she was blessed...
by my husband...

Wow, I can't believe that I just said that! I mean, I guess I knew that this would all be happening someday... but not really! It's all so surreal, but I LOVE IT! While I was pregnant I heard a lot of "Oh you better get all the sleep you can now" and even "After you have kids you can never go back so have fun now," but I never realized until after being a mom that I'm okay with less sleep and I think everything is much more fun with a baby. I always used to wonder why parents would take their babies to places, like the zoo, when they obviously would never remember going, but now I get it. I can hardly wait to go to the pumpkin patch as a family, even though she will probably be asleep for most of the trip, just having her there makes it so fun and exciting. 

Well, back to Kinley's baby blessing, both Kenny and I's parents came to Arizona for the occasion and I just loved it.  This was Kinley's first time meeting her Grandpa and Grandma Pulsipher. She of course loved them and was totally spoiled by all their cuddles and gifts. There is nothing better then family time!

For some reason I was so nervous for Kinley's blessing. I kept imagining her just screaming through the entire blessing, but thankfully she did Perfect! Although, right before it was time for the blessing, I handed Kinley off to Kenny and then she dropped a BOMB!! Oh ya, She Pooped and everyone around heard it, but thankfully her diaper did it's job and held it all in because there was no time to change her. Kenny gave a great blessing and I was so proud of him. Our friends Devin and Ashley and their two boys were able to come for the blessing too, which was so great.Ashley even took some family pictures for us afterwards which I love.
Another side note about the blessing was that Kinley's blessing dress was made by my great grandma, which is her great great grandma. So special! 

Thanks Ash for the great pictures! I will always treasure these.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

And then there were THREE

After 41 long weeks, our beautiful baby, Kinley Eilene Pulsipher, has decided to grace us with her presence. Weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz and 21 inches long, she truly is perfect! With as terrible as my memory is, I wanted to make sure to record my memory of this day so that I could forever remember the first time I became a mom, and Kenny and I together became parents to Kinley. This is our story.

Sept. 2, 2014, the day I had been waiting for for 9 long months, Kinley's due date, came and went. Dishardened at the fact that I wasn't having any real contractions yet and that I had been dilated to barely 1 cm for almost a month with no progression, I was worried Kinley was just a little too comfortable in her cocoon. My OBGYN made several attempts to induce my labor naturally by stripping my membrane and setting up an appointment for me to go into the hospital on Saturday (4 days over due)  and Sunday (5 days over due) so that they could put gels in me to try and soften my cervix. Neither of these worked, but thankfully I was relieved knowing that the doctors wouldn't let me go longer then a week over my due date, so the end of my pregnancy was drawing near.

On Monday, Sept. 8 (6 days over due) I was put on a waiting list at the hospital to be induced. This was the weirdest thing to me. It was like I was at a fast food restaurant and had placed my order, "One Baby Kinley please," and now I was just waiting for my order to be ready. The hospital had told us that they could call anytime on Monday starting at 12:00 am and that if I didn't get called at all, then I would definitely be called on Tuesday. "Oh great!" I thought, " Just my luck, I'm for sure not getting the call!" Sunday night I made sure that my bags were perfectly packed with everything that we could possibly need for our stay in the hospital and then I received I beautiful Priesthood blessing from Kenny, with my dad assisting. With those essential things done, I fell asleep with my phone on the Highest volume so that I would wake up if the hospital called while we were sleeping. 

The sun rose without any calls from the hospital. Thinking that this whole process was going to take forever, Kenny left for his internship and I just hung around the house. Around 11:30 I went into my room and was just kind of getting ready when all of a sudden my phone rang. I saw the Unknown Number and I'm pretty sure that my heart did a flip flop. I answered and they told me to come on in! I was of course frantic and rushed my mom and dad into the car as fast as possible so that we could get this party started. I called Kenny and told him that I'd call him once I got hooked up so that he could come then.

We ended up getting to Shea Hospital at 12:30 and by 1:00 I was in my room, waiting for my pitocin. This whole process was surreal to me, so I'm thankful that my mom was with me the whole time so that I could somewhat focus and get my head out of the clouds. Pretty soon I was all hooked up to the machines and starting my Group B antibiotics and Pitocin. Well, with all the madness that was happening, I wasn't doing to best job at texting my worried husband back while he was still at his internship, so he left and turned up at the hospital around 2:00. 

My doctor, Tami Dairiki, showed up soon after to see how I was progressing, but sadly I was still just one measly centimeter. To my surprise, she decided to break my water so that I would start to progress a little faster. I think the term "break your water" is very misleading because it felt and looked like a damn had broken and the floods came! This really kicked my labor into gear. Within a few more hours, I was really feeling the pressure and I asked for an epidural. I have to admit that I was terrified for this part, but the decision to get an epidural was definitely the way to go. I felt as if those drugs were heaven sent so that I could relax and feel comfortable as my body did its magic. I soon fell asleep, completely relaxed and not feeling like I needed 1,000 pillows in order to do so, which was a huge relief since I felt that way my entire pregnancy.

Minutes turned into hours and hours turned into Tuesday as we anxiously awaited our little girl. Every hour the sweet nurses came in and made me move so that Kinley would turn over (face down) in my tummy so that the labor would go smoother. Finally, at 10:00 am the nurse came in to check me and Vwa la, there was Kinley's head! The nurse ran out and called my doctor and rounded up more nurses for the delivery. At this point I was freaking out, having mixed emotions of really wanting Kinley in my arms but not sure if I was ready for labor. Within ten minutes everyone was there and ready and it was time to push. In the middle of pushing it began to rain and I couldn't help but think that the earth was being cleansed in preparation of Kinley, a precious child of God, to come to the earth. At 10:45, after 35 minutes of pushing and 23 hours in the hospital, Kinley was here! I couldnt have done it without all of the loving support from Kenny who was by my side, helping me the entire time.

Words cannot describe all of the emotions and feelings that overcame me once Kinley was laid onto my chest for the first time, She was perfect, I was her mama and life would never again be the same. After this, time began to tick away much quicker as they cleaned her up and the nurses checked to make sure that she was healthy. Soon after, my mom came in and then my dad and sister Jenny soon followed. It was so great to be surrounded by family and to feel all of their love and support.

We stayed in the hospital for 2 days and those days were so precious to me. It was a time for Kenny and I to really just be together and soak up every bit of Kinley. It was during these two days that I got to see my loving husband naturally transform into a father for the first time. Seeing him loving Kinley and holding her so tenderly made my heart melt. I felt like I was not only falling in love with my new baby girl, but for her daddy all over again. I am so grateful for the decision I made to marry him a year and a half ago! Best decision I have ever made.

Life at home is as good as ever. We are all learning together and I am more then ever convinced that there is a Premortal Life and that we knew Kinley before coming to this earth. There is no other way that I could possibly love her this much! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our little but BIG News

First comes Love.
Then comes Marriage.
Then comes a BABY!

We cannot be happier about this Huge change in our lives :)
Stay turned until April 16 when we will know if our little peanut is a boy or a girl.
Baby Pulsipher due Sept. 2, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm sorry Blog!

Well obviously being a teacher has really kept me busy!!
If I'm not at school then I'm grading papers
and if I'm not grading papers, then I'm hopefully cuddling with Kenny...
BUT most likely I'm past out on the couch at 8 P.M with the Olympics playing in the background!

Being an actual teacher has really opened my eyes to family, values and how it effects your children.
I teach two classes of 28 students and it is CRAZY to see all the differences between them all.
You would think, "Hey they are all 10/11, they can't be that different..."
but ohhh are you wrong!
Children are little mini-me's of their parents
Now, yes there are 1 or 2 that students Must be adopted, but for the most part,
once you meet the parents at parent teacher conferences, your student Finally starts making sense!

Now, this is super cute AND super scary at the same time!
For one, I hope that my child is like Kenny and I, and really exudes the morals and values that I know are so important to his/her future.
BUT THEN, I know that I'm going to need to be:
more kind,
less sarcastic,
hard working,
and the list goes on and on...!

Now the question is, how to do you this?
How can I get my child to kind and responsible and not like one of my hellions that drive me Nuts?
Obviously I know that my child isn't going to be perfect, even if he/she were to see perfection at home
(which by the way THEY WON'T)
but I know I will be expecting these traits!
How do you hold your child accountable for things you don't do perfectly yet/ ever will either...?
That is the question

hmmm well for right now I'll keep working on those traits and leaving the parenting to the parents,
and the teaching academics to me.
Even though I do try to slip in some words of wisdom throughout the day as well.

Maybe one day I'll have all the answers

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mrs. Pulsipher

It's official...
after almost 5 years of college I am now using my major as

If you know me, then you know that I like to make
check lists
and be in "the know"
but the story of how I got this job is a true testimony that God has a plan for me
and know matter how hard I try, I just don't know it!

So earlier this year I had my plans made
I was going to do my student teaching from July-November
then I was going to do an internship at Primavera in AZ so that I could be certified to teach online.
To me this was the perfect plan so that I could teach and have babies.

Well, about two weeks ago
 I ran into a man that was from BYU-I that I knew was working for Primavera.
So I went up to him to ask him about it, and sadly he started telling me how much he didn't like it and how if you work from home (like I was going to) that you pretty much only make minimum wage!!!
even though we have a degree...
Well, since we're paying for Kenny's Masters Program and maybe someday his PHD, I knew that this just wasn't going to work.
So I started to freak out that my "plan" wasn't as great as I thought that it was going to be.
A couple of days later I headed back to school after fall break and my mentor teacher tells me that over the break she decided that she really wants to stay home with her little kids and that she was was leaving at Christmas. Oh and that I had an interview the next day!
My thoughts at this moments were
At first I didn't know if I even wanted to interview because it didn't fit into "my plan"
and I knew that I wanted kids sometime soonish and so I didn't want to lock myself into anything.
Then, I realized what an amazing opportunity this was and that this experience was so needed so that I could get a job after my kids were grown.
So the next day me and another student teacher were chosen to interview for the job
then the verdict was............
I didn't get it!!!
You would think that I would be relieved since I wasn't sure if I even wanted to interview in the first place, but I was so sad about it.
I really got my hopes up and thought that I would get it, and when I didn't
I was weirded out by my response to the news.
It was at this point that I knew that I REALLY wanted to teach until at least the end of the year
and then I'd see where I was.
My principal recommended me for a 3rd grade position in Mesa, and then my BYU-I mentor recommended me for a 5th grade position in Surprise, AZ!!
WOW, in a couple of days I somehow had 2 interviews the following week! 
The way things just worked and how fast things changed from when I was going to Primavera and then NOT were definitely a sign to me from my Heavenly Father that he had His hands in my life and that He was guiding me to where He needed me.

So I went to both interviews and I received two YES's
I was Thrilled, and the decision was so easy
I knew that I needed to teach 5th grade in Surprise!

I have now been working for a week and a half and really have loved every second.
There is no doubt in my mind that I am Exactly where I need to be.
My students are great,
my 5th grade team is super supportive and helpful
and did I mention that in the middle of the school is a daycare for teachers kids only! :)
Woohoo I'm in heaven!
Thank you Heavenly Father for guiding me 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

B I R T H D A Y *F U N

This year my birthday was celebrated like a blast from the past!
Somehow it worked out that ALL of my sibling were able to be here.
There are 6 of us kids, with a 15 year span between the oldest and youngest
so, this hasn't happened since I was probably 8
We continued the tradition of taking glamorous morning pictures

 then the party continued with yummy Food


 Pounce Marathons
mmm mmm good Cheese Cake Factory Cheesecake
since Kenny's birthday is just 6 days after mine we celebrated our birthdays together with
half Red Velvet cake (Kenny's choice) and half Peanut butter cup (mine)
Love all my sibs!
Thanks mom & dad for helping us all to get together!
Best weekend EVER...
please move closer :)
But the birthday festivities didn't end there
Kenny turned Big 27!

if you can't read this, it's a ticket for the ASU vs Washington game
 homemade calzone!
 homemade ice-cream sandwich!

 soo good!
are you wondering why these Washington fans are surrounded by ASU fans....
ohh it's just because we're sitting in their student section! haha
can you say AWKARD!
I was seriously scared for our lives
Jeff and Brenda came to cheer on the Huskies too... but I guess they just weren't loud enough
You'll get em next time Huskies
Now with both Kenny and I's birthdays being in the same month,
October will forever be my favorite month!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How did this happen?

In April, Kenny and I packed up and moved to Arizona.
We have been lucky enough to live in my parents home
while they flew east for the summer!
Well... now the summer heat is almost gone and so today is the day when my parents come BACK TO LIVE WITH US.
Now, if I was still 17 years old and in high school I would be saying,
" OHH NO I can't believe I have to live with my parents again...
my mom will always want to hang out with me,
my dad will be going on and on about the same old long stories
and I just might Die"!
Dramatic?... Yes... but accurate?... Definitely!
So what happened between the ages of 17 to 24?
I went to college, served a mission, got married
I don't recall slipping and hitting my head really hard...
so why am I now saying,
"WOOHOO my parents are moving back in!
My mom will always be around and we can go on walks, shop and talk all night long,
my dad will get to fill me in with all of his good stories
(and I should probably even take notes so that I can tell these same stories to my kids some day)
I can't figure it out, but somewhere between then and now my parents transformed
from being The Boss into my best friends!
I love you both and I cannot wait for you to get here.
Now Hurry Up Dad and Drive Faster!